Our Goal

To exceed your expectations



Our Vision

We are the regional & local leaders in the Real Estate Business and Property Management. Our achievements and contributions have a positive impact on our clients and our investors.



Our Mission

Our companies, brands and the rest of our business units are recognized by our internal and external clients, work-colleagues and the Community as the leaders in a continuous growth in every aspect.






Starting with a Smart Buy and Intelligent Sale a Detailed Management of Properties Inventory and the Human Resources everyday Training.

Our Team


International REALTOR® Membership
in the National Association


cuadro realtor

Membership I.D. #061235866


CEO Karina Sayed

Having undertaken a commitment to the Constitution and Bylaws and the Code of Ethics of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS U.S.A. (National Association), and of a Code of Ethics approved by the National Association, and having satisfactorily met all other criteria established for membership; is hereby granted International REALTOR® Membership in the National Association and accorded all the rights and privileges appertaining thereto, including the right to use the mark REALTOR®.

Certified Real Estate Advisor
at Quintana Roo, Mexico



License # SAKA730701JY1FS008000037

Certified Specialists Real Estate Brokers


Ángeles Aréchiga

Living in Playa del Carmen for 10 years, she loves to be the support to guide you in the best investment in the real estate, dynamic, bold, and always attentive to all your doubts.

Medicine and adventure lover with his son Jordan



Ricardo Elizondo

Almost 4 years of experience working in real estate in the Mayan Riviera. I love my job and offer the best service to my clients



Roger Naranjo

Always working direct with the people making the Real Estate experiences easier for the client providing my best service to them.



Luis Corona

Hi. Im Luis Corona
Tell me a little bit more about your plans, so i can better understand your needs.
What are your expectations or goals in this investment?
My wish, as Real Estate consultant is to help you to understand the Real Estate industry from different perspectives, see price options, show you the places of interest and advise you to make the best decision.
Would be very nice to meet you, and show you these beautiful destination as a local “Playense”