Playa del Carmen Sellers FAQs

+ Q: How do I price my home? - Q: How do I price my home?

A: The best way to determine accurate pricing on your home is to have a qualified real estate professional to your home to take a tour of your home as if they are a prospective buyer. Our agents will walk the home with you, take detailed notes, ask a multitude of questions and will then provide you with a pricing recommendation after they have researched the similar and recent sold comparable.

+ Q: Will you know the best list price of my home when we first meet - Q: Will you know the best list price of my home when we first meet

A:No. All of the agents at Playa Realtors Corp Real Estate subscribe to a two-step market method. This means the first meeting with you will be to gather information about the home and the property. The agent will not arrive with a pre-conceived notion of what your home is worth. This is the most accurate way to determine pricing because each home is so different than the next that it would be impossible for an agent to guess what amenities your home has before they even step foot in it. That's why our agents work through pricing in two steps. The first step is our meeting and tour with the seller and the second step is our research of sold comparable which includes making adjustments to the sold comparable for the amenities they either have or lack in comparison to your home. We will then deliver a report back to you via email for you to review with the sold comparable and our pricing recommendation.

+ Q: Why should I use a real estate agent? - Q: Why should I use a real estate agent?

A: While the dawn of the modern age has made searching for homes very easy, it has also made the real estate transaction very complicated. Due to the constant change in laws, contracts, standards of practice and so much more, having a real estate agent in your corner ensures that you are receiving the proper guidance not only to get you the best price for your home with the best set of terms, but also to ensure that you are mitigating as much risk as possible. In addition, a real estate agent will absorb the cost of all marketing up front without any cost to you and will ensure that once you are under contract, that your transaction flows as quickly and easily as possible to the closing table. We keep a checklist for absolutely everything to ensure we are hitting all the dates, deadlines, provisions and contingencies of each unique contract.